Corporate Retirement

Three Bell Capital helps companies design, implement, and manage effective, reasonably priced, well-supported retirement plans, designed to maximize participants’ retirement readiness.  

We begin by determining the company’s organizational goals and objectives for the plan, gather and analyze relevant data necessary to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the existing plan, and provide concrete actionable suggestions for optimization and improvement.  

Once engaged, we coordinate and oversee plan setup or transition, hold participant enrollment and educational meetings, ensure plan investments are and remain best-in-class, and work with management to ensure plan trustees are meeting their fiduciary obligations.

For companies that want to offer participants maximum investment flexibility inside their 401(k) plan accounts, we have systems and platforms we can leverage that enable private investments such as hedge funds, angel investments, physical real estate, and limited partnerships.

We complement our corporate retirement plan services with relevant private wealth management advice for participants that includes equity compensation planning, advanced Roth strategies, gifting and estate planning, and tax optimization.

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Downloadable Resources

Retirement Plan Services Overview
A summary of our team’s retirement plan services, focus, and capabilities

Private Stock in Roth 401(K)
Details how to leverage a Roth 401(k) account to make investments with tax-free gains

Deferred Comp Plan Primer
An overview of the key features and benefits of a deferred compensation plan

Executive Pension Overview
An overview of the key features and benefits of an Executive Pension (AKA Cash Balance) Plan

Retirement Plan Contribution Limits
A quick reference guide to key retirement plan contribution limits for 2016

Fiduciary Checklist
A checklist for plan fiduciaries to that outlines some of their primary obligations to the plan

Self Directed LP Sidecars
Details steps necessary for a VC, PE, or hedge fund to make their fund an investment option in their 401(k)