Private Wealth Management

Three Bell Capital follows a clearly articulated process that begins with a comprehensive discovery meeting designed to identify clients’ values, goals, needs and objectives. We marry that information with a customized investment plan designed to address the needs of our clients and ultimately help them toward their goal of financial independence.

Rather than focusing solely on portfolio management, we believe there are a multitude of other factors that can have substantial financial impact on our clients. As a result, we purposefully choose to coordinate our private client asset management efforts with estate planning, tax planning, risk management, education planning, and lending.

We combine this holistic approach with powerful software tools that generate truly useful comprehensive wealth management plans that adjust dynamically as we continue to work with our clients over the years.

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Downloadable Resources

Firm Overview
A comprehensive overview of our firm, team, focus, representative clients and capabilities

How to Choose an Advisor
Important criteria for evaluating and selecting a new wealth management team

Wealth Management Checklist
Critical wealth management topics and strategies applicable to entrepreneurs

QSBS Guide
Information on a powerful capital gains exemption that can save up to $10M in gains per private company

Equity Comp Guide
A plain English guide to various types of equity compensation and their tax treatment

Investment Platform Overview
An overview of our investment philosophy, portfolio strategies, due diligence, and processes